1971 Ensenada C105

 "Ensenada Gibson.  Ensenada Martin."

I bought this guitar new in 1972 in Newport RI on the Navy base to take aboard my first U.S. Navy ship afloat.   I was not going to be without a guitar.   This guitar has been every place I have.   Many outdoor jams with my friends around camp fires.   My private concerts.

It is not an expensive guitar but has really opened up in the past 49 years.   Not sure if the top is cedar or Spruce but it appears to be solid.  The back is ply and looks like mahogany on the back and sides and the most beautiful flame maple on the inside.

I have never had the action adjust and this plays as well as my Ramirez 1As or better.

Comes in original cardboard case that has been in more airports and baggage bins than I would EVER allow one of my guitars to do today.