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"Hey Joe, Man I learned a lot from that one lesson on Tuesday. Can I get the same time next week?... Steve M., Denton TX 20/08/09

"Hey Joe, This is Chris Norwood. I am a former student of yours and I am just writing to fill you in on what's been going on in my life. I
graduated from college with a degree in music. After college I
toured with a national touring performance group called Vocal Trash.
It's a "Stomp" like group that plays industrial instruments and sings
four and five part vocal harmonies. I played guitar for them, along
with lots of other interesting instruments, as well as sang. I also
played guitar for the groups other band, "The City to City Band,"
which is a dance band that has been a fairly highly sought after
party band in DFW for many years. About two months ago I got married
to the woman of my dreams. I have also recently left Vocal Trash and
The City to City Band and have taken a job as a studio manager and
composer for a studio production company in Deep Ellum. I still play
my guitar every chance I get. I even have two gigs coming up at the
end of this month, where I will be performing lots of original songs
that I've written. You can listen to a few of my songs at my myspace
page: .... I also wanted to
say thank you for the guitar lessons. So much of what I know about
guitar, I learned from your lessons. Thanks again."

Chris N. , Dallas, TX 20/08/09

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