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Playing guitar makes the world a better place.

About Joe The Guitarman

After the Navy I attended Indiana University South East full time on my V.A. scholarship for four years. At I.U. I was able to study music with the great Jamie Aebersold who was a big influence on me being a teacher today. He was able to make music fun and easy to understand. Unlike Sister Mary Waltz. It was while attending IUS that I started playing professionally. One job led to the next. Great days.

In 1978 I got the chance to move to Dallas and have been here ever since. I played just about every club, lodge, post, hotel lounge, restaurant in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Traveled in a couple of road bands to as far as Portland Oregon to play guitar in an Elvis tribute band. I was in several local bands that had quite a bit of success in Dallas and enjoyed many years as a full time guitar player.

I got to meet my guitar hero in 1997. Chet Atkins was kind enough to a meet and greet with me and some of my students at a reception after his last public performance here in Dallas. Chet has been the biggest influence in my life and was very nice to us all. He encouraged me to sign my name with C.G.P. at the end like he does. He says it means Certified Guitar Picker. I asked who would be doing the certification and he said; “Me. No body will argue with you on that one.” Every now and then I will sign and use the C.G.P. tag at the end just as a tip of my hat to Chet. -Joe The Guitarman, C.G.P.

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