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About Joe The Guitarman

When I first started to enjoy making music at an early age I never expected it to be play such a big part in my life. I still have the guitar I got when I was 5 years old. Still play guitar every day. Not the one I got when I was 5.

Have always been a guitar teacher it seems. I enjoy passing on the information of a lifetime to new guitar stars. I took piano lessons from the 2nd grade through the 5th grade from a Catholic nun. Did not like her choice of songs, but learned to read music. I was able to apply the same principals to guitar and self teach myself guitar. Now I can show you in six months what took me 20 years to figure out on my own.

In May of 1971 I signed up for the Navy before I graduated from high school. As soon as I graduated I went to boot camp in Orlando Florida. Three days in they found out I could play guitar and I was drafted into the church band. We used “practice” as an excuse to get out of marching drills, obstacle course, and other boot camp pleasantries. After boot camp I was stationed in Bainbridge, Maryland where I was asked to be the church choir director for the Girls Boot Camp Choir. That was fun. After Maryland I was stationed onboard a U.S. Navy ship afloat in Boston, Massachusetts. The first day on ship I was made the ships band leader. The navy flew me around the north east to perform in First Naval District Talent competitions representing the First Naval District.

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